Ascendant's Construction Process

plan analysis

Each project built by Ascendant is reviewed in detail by the Ascendant construction team for accuracy, efficiency and completeness.

building efficiently

A key part of any construction project is making sure that it makes the most of every dollar invested. The Ascendant construction team helps to advise on plans to make sure that every dollar is well spent.

Detailed Cost Analysis

Prior to breaking ground on any project, the Ascendant construction team does a thorough cost analysis to make sure that all development goals will be achieved on-time and on-budget.

Expansive Subcontractor Network

The Ascendant team boasts a broad subcontractor network throughout the US, enabling us to ensure that each project gets not only the best pricing but also the best performing subcontractors.

Sophisticated Construction Oversight and Reporting

All construction is overseen by the Ascendant construction team from start to finish, ensuring prompt delivery and detailed, accurate reporting throughout the life-cycle of any project.