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We believe in building communities at Ascendant. From our neighborhood in Houston, our principals have spent decades building Class A luxury properties throughout the US, creating strong partnerships and stunning apartments every step of the way.

Join our legacy of excellence by partnering with us on our next project. Together, we can break ground on something extraordinary.

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Lance Schielack
Moody Bank

I have known and worked with the Ascendant principals for the past 15+ years.  They are truly a top notch multifamily developer that delivers a Class A product through and through.  From managing costs to producing returns, they are of utmost quality and professionalism.  This team is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable, respected and honest professionals in the business.  It is and always has been a pleasure working with Ascendant.

Nick Welch
regions bank

I have worked with the team from Ascendant for the past 10 years, and I couldn't enjoy working with a client more. Ascendant not only delivers a top tier multifamily product, they do so with integrity and honesty. They are truly a pleasure to work with.


There is a common saying in Real Estate that the most import variable is “location, location, location."  While location is important, by far the most important variable is the character of management.  I most recently worked closely with Richard and David for several years through the COVID-19 pandemic and saw them exhibit extraordinary leadership, character and creativity in managing our project to a successful completion. I look forward to working with them on the next project.